Pizzas & Pizza bases

Pizzas on the conveyor belt

Artisan pizzas

Each one with toppings

Our core specialties are our artisan pizza bases and chilled pizzas. Prepared with passion and each one with fresh toppings added by our team members.

Fresher than fresh

With seasonal vegetables

For example, we package our fresh rocket ourselves, but we also incorporate seasonal vegetables and Italian cheeses and meats in our toppings. Prosciutto Crudo, Spianata Romana, Gorgonzola, Grana Padano …

The final touches to the pizzas
Pizza bases from the stone oven

From the stone oven

For a deliciously crispy base

The pizza bases are baked in the wood-fired stone oven in our own bakery (using sustainable FSC wood from the residual flow from the furniture industry). All on Italian stone with volcanic rock from Mount Etna. Finally, we make sure our premium pizzas create the perfect pizza experience. Buon appetito!

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