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Convenience food, fresh and healthy

The name Conveni comes from the term ‘convenience foods’. We have been the ultimate specialist in the production of ready meals. Meals that, unlike many other meals on the market, are genuinely fresh and healthy. We do this under a private label and under our own brand.

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Across Europe

Partners in retail, food service and B2B

This is how we deliver high-quality, ready-made food products across Europe to partners in retail, food service, and business-to-business. This includes chilled pizzas, fresh (pasta) sauces & soups, fresh pestos, fresh Italian and Asian meals. Our product developers are constantly working on innovative recipes and processes so that we can meet the latest consumer needs to the full.

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With excellent market position

That is why – today – our market position in the Netherlands and abroad is excellent. This is largely thanks to about 200 enthusiastic colleagues, who give the best of themselves every day. You can count on Conveni!

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